Ergo, Poetry Etcetera, is a travelogue of a different sort. It is one of the spirit – a search for understanding and meaning in life, offered in poetry and artwork. Its chapters: Prologue, Portals, Linkages, Findings, Interlude, Gleanings, Awareness, Trails & Trials, Paradox, Home, and Epilogue, are studies of life experiences addressing the human condition and the greater dominion of nature. The sympathies of the book are earthly (gaianist), arrived at thru a background of involvement, observation and learning. There is an inclusive nature to the poetry that reaches out to bring the reader into the journey and to understand the perspective of the writer.

About the Author

The author served in a number of Asian countries in various capacities: as a teenager, a Marine in the Korean War; then after graduating Univ. of Montana; as a teacher of English with the USIS in Hue, Vietnam; as a surveyor for the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers in Iran; as a Representative of CARE in Korea and Pakistan; and as a Representative of the Asia Foundation in Thailand and Hong Kong. After the untimely passing of his wife, he retired to the country to raise his two small children and lead a pastoral alternative life. Poetry and sculpture have been a random pursuit attendant to the dedications of life. Now, beyond the years of travel and service, it is appropriate to describe this book selection of his poems and artwork as reflections of a journey.

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Selections from E-book “Ergo: Poetry Etcetera”